This feature is available for V0.92 and V0.93 of Bahmni

Teleconsultation in Bahmni is a remote way of connecting Patients and Doctors who cannot connect face to face. Bahmni teleconsultation is web-connected with the existing system which supports patients and doctors to join in a video call together.

While creating an appointment, Teleconsultaiton is marked if this is going to be a Teleconsultation appointment. Appointment gets updated with teleconsultation details for Doctors to access and the same details get communicated to the patient via email. In case the patient doesn’t have email access, the Receptionist has a provision to share the teleconsultation details manually via Message, WhatsApp.

How is it Used?



Teleconsultation in Bahmni aims to provide access to quality healthcare where getting face to face between doctor and patients are difficult. Few cases like uninterrupted healthcare for people during a pandemic situation when movement is restricted, Providing continuity of care for Non-Covid-19 patients like Home chemo sessions for patients, Treating TB patients, Effective Maternal and Child Care.

Below are few benefits that Bahmni Teleconsultaiton offers

  1. Frictionless - Doctors and Patients get connected instantly. No application download, No registration, etc.

  2. Floating Window - Doctors will be able to see patient videos and fill in details in Bahmni as needed.

Adhoc Teleconsultation

In Bahmni Lite v1.0, the ability for a clinician to start an Adhoc Tele-consultation (on-demand) with a patient was also added. To enable this, one needs to set this property to true: allowAdhocTeleConsultation

See this example: Also search for adhoc in OpenMRS->Advanced Settings, to see other settings for tele-consultation emails / notifications. You can also see this Jira ticket for implementation details: and this discussion:


The video showcases the complete workflow of Bahmni Teleconsultation from teleconsultation appointment scheduling, details being shared with the patient, doctor, and patient joining teleconsultation meeting.


Also read this article about Bahmni EHR deployment in St. John’s Health Center at Kanakapura, Karnataka (India):

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