Multi-Lingual Support

About the Feature

Multi-Lingual Support (Internationalization) provides a way to make the application available in multiple languages. Internationalization is also referred to as i18n because there are 18 characters between 'i' and 'n' in the word 'internationalization'. Bahmni provides support for internationalization with minimal configuration changes.

General Guidelines for Internationalization Support
  1. Internationalization support in Bahmni is available only for languages written from "left to right".
  2. Bahmni modules such as Registration, Clinical and Programs support Internationalization.
  3. OpenELIS (Lab) system and OpenERP are also Internationalized.
  4. Certain parts of Bahmin are "configuration" driven (like the landing dashboard), and hence those will need to be translated by the implementation team, as per local needs.

Where is it Used?

The feature is useful in the day-to-day operations of the hospitals in countries where English is not a commonly used language. The registration and clinical modules can be automatically translated to the local language of the region. 


This feature simplifies Bahmni by providing local language support, thus making Bahmni suitable for use in different parts of the world.


You can see more sample screenshots for Portuguese here.

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