Location widget

About the Feature

Location widget as it is commonly called provides the user with the options to change and select the following-

  • Location
  • The user name on behalf of whom data entry is being made
  • The date for which data entry is being made

All the three options are controlled by separate privileges. 

Where is it Used?

This is useful mainly for data entry user when entering data which is already collected. Each option is privilege based and the below table gives an overview-

app:clinical:retrospectiveBahmni app retrospective access privilege
app:clinical:onbehalfBahmni app on behalf access privilege
app:clinical:locationpicker    Bahmni app location picker privilege

The user's role should have one or more of the above privileges for getting access to location picker options.


This feature is useful in the following cases-

  • When the user wants to change the location for data entry (this location can be different from the logged in location)
  • When the user wants to enter data on behalf of another user
  • When the user wants to enter data retrospectively

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