Edit a Published Form

Purpose and Benefits

 It's possible that a published form may need to be edited again. This function enables implementer to edit a published form.


1. Goto Form Builder

Click on the eye icon of the form which you need to edit.

Form builder dashboard

2. Edit the Published Form

Click the Edit button and confirm to enter into the edit mode.

New version of form will be created

  • After the entered the edit mode, once the form is saved, a new version of the form will be created automatically whether the content of the form is changed or not.
  • The status of this saved form is draft since it is not published yet.
  • When the status of form is draft, the version and status won't change if the form is repeatedly saved.

Confirm to go to edit mode

Save form

3. Publish the Form

Publish the form

If want to apply this form in Bahmni immediately, remember to publish it.

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