Bahmni and openIMIS Integration

openIMIS is a versatile open source software which supports the administration of health financing, claims and social protection schemes. It is recognised as a digital public good by the Digital Public Goods Alliance and is listed in Digital Square’s Global Goods Guidebook as an emergent global good in digital health. Read more at

Bahmni & openIMIS Integration for Nepal

This integration has not yet been tested with latest Bahmni v1.0 Standard/Lite docker instances, and is not packaged out-of-the-box with Bahmni. This is a community implementation by the NepalEHR team that has customized Bahmni a bit, and written the integration pieces (which are all opensource).

  1. Brief overview of Nepal implementation of Bahmni + openIMIS:

  2. Architecture: Of Bahmni → OpeIMIS integation over FHIR can be seen here: (utilizes a new omod, integration-feed-service and an odoo-plugin).

  3. Demo: A demo video of how Bahmni → OpenIMIS integration looks (along with Eligibility Check and Claim Submissions in Nepal version of Bahmni) can be seen here:

  4. User Guide documentation:

  5. System Installation guide:

  6. Code for insurance-connect:

openIMIS functionalities. See more at:


The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)