Bahmni Mart

For 0.91, Bahmni-mart is included as preview feature which we expect to officially include in the Bahmni 0.92 release. There is no official support for this preview, and no guarantee that configurations created now will be compatible with the official release.

This guide is currently In-Progress. Over the next few months, content will be added to it. 

If you have any suggestions or would like to add pages which talk about the functionality of Bahmni, please feel free to add them.


Bahmni-mart is a Standalone Batch Application based on spring-batch. Bahmni-mart aims to simplify reporting for Bahmni.

Deployment Steps

Check this link (Github) to get deployment steps for Bahmni-mart.

Dev Setup

Check this link (Github) for dev setup steps.

PPT on Bahmni-mart



 Before running the playbook, add the below line in /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook/setup.yml file and run playbook 

bahmni_mart_url: ""

Bahmni-mart PDF Documentation

Bahmni Mart Installation & Configuration


This module is available as a add-on to Bahmni, for versions 0.90 onwards. 

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Implemnentation Details

Installation Guide

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