Bahmni Mart

Bahmni Mart is now packaged with Bahmni LITE and docker-compose. You can see the demo here: Bahmni Lite Environments. You can try it out locally using docker by following the steps here: Running Bahmni on Docker. You can see a short DEMO video here:


Bahmni-mart is a Standalone Batch Application based on spring-batch. Bahmni-mart aims to simplify reporting for Bahmni.

Deployment Steps

Check this link (Github) to get deployment steps for Bahmni-mart.

Dev Setup

Check this link (Github) for dev setup steps.

PPT on Bahmni-mart



 Before running the playbook, add the below line in /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook/setup.yml file and run playbook 

bahmni_mart_url: ""

Bahmni-mart PDF Documentation

Bahmni Mart Installation & Configuration


This module is available as a add-on to Bahmni, for versions 0.90 onwards. 

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