EMR Modules

List of Bahmni EMR Modules

  • Patient Registration ModuleThe registration module allows a patient's information to be captured and maintained. It also acts as a starting point for the patient through the medical facility's workflow.
  • Clinical ModuleThe Clinical Module is used to view the treatment history of existing patients, as well as to start a registered patient's treatment process.
  • Programs ModuleThe Programs module is used to monitor and keep track of patients who need to be treated for conditions that require periodic monitoring to ensure recovery. 
  • Order FulfillmentOrder Fulfillment takes care of all possible orders encountered in a Hospital Scenario, such as a lab, radiology or drug order. The need for an Order arises when the doctor or any other medical provider wants some action to be taken by some other medical provider in the Hospital for a patient. 
  • Appointments Module of OpenMRSAppointments module provides the ability to give appointments to patients and then manage their workflow through the clinic.
  • PACS Integration and Radiology UploadBahmni supports two ways of managing Radiology workflows: Using PACS Integration and via Manual Radiology Upload
  • Patient Documents Module
  • In-Patient Management ModuleThe In-Patient Management Module (IPD) is used to manage the admission, discharge and transfer of patients. It includes ward management and bed allocation.
  • Appointments Scheduling Module
  • Operation Theatre Scheduling Module
  • Bed Management Module