Bahmni adopted by CURE Hospital in Ethiopia

Help Kids Heal with Bahmni Implementation

Hospital :

CURE International is a Christian nonprofit organization that operates a global network of eight charitable paediatric hospitals in developing countries and is building an open-source electronic medical record system for its hospitals. The CURE International Bahmni Development project is an initiative where CURE International and Thoughtworks have built a partnership to develop and deploy the features on out-patient and in-patient journeys in CURE’s 7 paediatric hospitals across Africa

Article :



Patient waiting for triage outside OPD clinic


Bahmni being used inside the OPD clinic


The Scope :

CURE International already uses Bahmni as their EMR system. They have engaged with Thoughtworks to build new features in their existing EMR system related to out-patient and in-patient journeys which cater to their unique workflows that may not be applicable to the other hospitals.

Thoughtworks is engaged in streamlining the out-patient journey by adding new features and incorporating IPD workflows, thus ensuring end-to-end patient record handling as well as integrating Bahmni with external systems and automating the deployments.

Key Work Areas :

OPD (Out-patient Department) features:

  • Patient registration: To enable registration of patients in a CURE facility and mobile clinics during the outreach programs by capturing the demographic and other required details of a patient including caregiver information

  • Patient orders: To view the list of orders prescribed for a patient which includes lab orders, radiology orders, etc and the ability of the providers to claim ownership of the orders.

  • Patient charts and dashboard: To capture and view vital information of the patient in the dashboard which provides a summary for the providers.

  • Programs: To enroll and access patients in a triage, to determine if the particular patient is treatable in a CURE facility.

IPD (In-patient Department) features:

  • Patient Admission, Transfer and Discharge: To be able to admit a patient and assign the patient to a bed in a ward, to be able to transfer the patient to a different bed in the same or different ward, to be able to discharge the patient.

  • Schedule Medication tasks: To be able to schedule Medication-related tasks from the Treatments section and display them in the Drug Chart section of the IPD dashboard.   

  • Schedule non-medication tasks: To be able to schedule non-medication tasks from the Nursing Tasks section of the IPD dashboard.      

  • Manage Tasks: To be able to manage Medication and Non-Medication tasks from the Nursing Tasks section and to be able to track the medication tasks in the Drug Chart section of the IPD dashboard.

Bahmni Integration:

  • Integration with Lab Lite

  • Subscribe to GCP Pub/Sub to send events

  • Enable JMS (ActiveMQ) to handle the events

Deployments automation:

  • Automation of deployments to the on-premises production environment of 7 hospitals




The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)