What stays where? Bahmni Connect Static and Transactional data storage

Type of contentWhere does it stay
Static files (JS, HTML, CSS, Images)
  • Chrome extension: Bundled
  • Android: Bundled
Configs (app.json, extension.json, locales, validation, etc concatenated into a single file per module i.e. one for Registration, one for Clinical etc.)
Global properties

Some of the REST data (List to be updated):

Master data

  • Address hierarchy
  • Concepts

Transactional data

  • Patient information
  • Visits and Encounters

Storage Options and limitations:

  • Lovefield uses indexedDB internally and gives relational capabilities. We are using this for chrome extension for storing data. There are no limitations for lovefield, but after 2GB, we see performance issues.
  • SQLite is used as transactional database to store data in SD card of Android tablet. Going forward, we will give configurable option of storage for android table to store either in SD card or internal storage. Limitations of SQLite are discussed here.
  • Android APK allows publish limit of 100MBOn more storage requirements, two (2) APK Expansion Files, each up to 2 GB in size (stored in SD card), for each APK.
  • Chrome extension has size limited to 2GB, so that is the limit for bundling apps.
  • Right now the size of static content of bahmniapps in production with all modules is approximately 60MB.