Getting Started as a Bahmni Community Developer: Cheat Sheet

What to do

  1. Introduce yourself
    1. do this on our discussion forums
  2. Set up your development environment
    1. Follow this guide: Setting up Bahmni Dev Environment
    2. Alternative approach, which is less tested: Running Bahmni on Docker
  3. Pick a bugfix or enhancement to work on
    1. See What To Work On
    2. If you already know what you want to work on, then share your planned approach on the discussion forums
  4. Ensure there is a JIRA issue, if appropriate, and claim it
    1. If you are doing work that will be part of the shared Bahmni product (i.e. not an implementation-specific customization) then you need to ensure there is a JIRA issue to track your work.
    2. See Issue Tracker (JIRA). (If you're a new developer who doesn't have an account yet you will need to ask someone else to create the ticket for you.)
  5. Write tests and code
    1. continue to update people on the chat and/or discussion forums as you do the work: this avoids someone having to review a large/major change without prior warning and it lets people suggest improvements as you're doing your work.
  6. Submit a pull request
    1. See Submitting pull requests
    2. If it's your first pull request to any Bahmni repository, sign the Contributor License Agreement
    3. once you've submitted the pull request on github, also make a comment on the JIRA issue and include a link to the pull request.

Further Reading / Videos

  1. Bahmni - Starting off the Bahmni Journey - Dec 2021 (Training)
  2. Bahmni Lite Demo
  3. Contributing to Bahmni

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