Product Architecture Team (PAT calls)


This is an intersection of product thinkers and technical thinkers, that focuses on how we want to evolve the Bahmni software product. They have regular calls (weekly) to:

  • make product direction decisions
  • provide guidance to development teams who propose new designs (e.g. based on their implementation needs)
  • propose the Bahmni Product Roadmap, for sign-off by the Governing Committee

Anyone is welcome to participate in these calls, and we’re especially looking for senior technical folks, anyone who can provide input into a wide range of new features, and generally anyone who can think with a “product hat”. If you are a Bahmni implementor or user, you are also welcome to attend to hear the latest updates, ask questions, or share updates!

Product Architecture Team calls

Calls are at 1 pm UTC (6:30pm India time) every Wednesday on Zoom. For your timezone see here.

Weekly PAT Call Zoom Link: Join Meeting

Announcements of upcoming call agendas and call details are on
These posts are tagged with "bahmni-pat" and you can see a history of them.

Archive of call notes: Google Drive

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