Anonymizing Bahmni Database

This document explains how you can run an anonymize script on Bahmni database to anonymize patient data. It is a good idea to anonymize data before sharing it with outsiders to ensure privacy of medical data.

It is also illegal in many countries to share medical data with outsiders / tech staff without proper authorization. For instance in the USA see:


This is tested for v0.80.


To make bahmni data anonymous first download all the files from:

Go inside vagrant box: 

vagrant ssh;

Stop services:

sudo service openmrs stop;
sudo service bahmni-lab stop;
sudo service openerp stop;

Then goto the directory where you have downloaded all the files from the above mentioned link.

For example if you have kept it inside "bahmni" then you have to do: 

cd /bahmni/<directory-name>/

From the directory, run this:

sh ./

It will execute with the following message: 

Then Start the services:

sudo service openmrs start
sudo service bahmni-lab start
sudo service openerp start

See the changes in Bahmni page (before and after data anonymization):

                          Before                                                               After

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