Configure Audit Logs


Audit logs are records of all the actions performed within an EMR system. In any EMR, it is vital that we know not only what data has been captured and if alterations have been made to the data but also who is responsible for these.  The function of audit logs is to essentially provide a timeline of all such actions.

For. e.g. A user logging into the EMR and viewing a patient's record would be tracked be logged as two separate events. Using all such events we can generate a trail for any particular user, or a patient.

Audit trails are important from both regulatory and legal standpoints. They will make the EMR more reliable and discourage the misuse of confidential data. 

You can read more about audit logs here.

Currently in Bahmni,  we have defined a few events that are logged in the audit log table. We will be defining more such events to have a more comprehensive audit trail. In future, the implementers will be able to write their own audit business rules for the modules they build.

Events Tracked in Audit Logs

  1. Registration 
  2. Open/Close of Visits by User 
  3. Admit/Discharge of Patient by User 
  4. Reports queued/run by a user
  5. Encounters/Observations Recorded
  6. View of Clinical data (like Treatment, Labs, etc)
  7. Login/Logout, and more.

Audit Log (filtered by user)

Provide / Remove access to Audit Logs

The Audit Log feature is located in the Admin App of Bahmni EMR. Therefore anyone who has the permissions to view the Admin App of Bahmni can access the Audit Logs. To enable / disable access to Admin App refer to this document: EMR Security and Access Control (OpenMRS)

Turn on/off Audit logs

The audit log feature can be found inside the 'Admin' module on the home page.

One can choose to turn on/off audit logs by changing the value of global property bahmni.enableAuditLog.

Default Behavior

By default, the value is true which means the audit logs are enabled by default.

Steps to disable (turn off) audit logs

We can turn off audit logs by setting the global property value for bahmni.enableAuditLog to false. 

1) Login to Openmrs, Advanced Settings. 

Please follow the steps listed here to edit global property values.

2) Edit the property (bahmni.enableAuditLog) value to false

3) To view Audit Log app under 'Admin' module, you have to add following config under bahmni-config/openmrs/apps/admin/extension.json.

        "id": "bahmni.admin.auditLog",
        "extensionPointId": "org.bahmni.admin.dashboard",
        "type": "link",
        "extensionParams": {
        "label": "Audit Log",
        "url": "#/auditLog",
        "icon": "fa-eye",
        "order": 1,
        "requiredPrivilege": "app:admin"
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