Implementor Skillset


  • Trainer Skills
    1. Facilitation
    2. User Training
  • Hospital workflow
    1. General knowledge of patient medical records
    2. General knowledge of a typical hospital workflow and activities

Tech/Functional - EMR Configuration

  • Configuration
    1. Understanding of JSON
    2. OpenMRS data model (to configure reports)

    3. Working SQL knowledge (for custom reports)

    4. Basic JavaScript knowledge (for creating custom display controls)

    5. Groovy  (to create formulas)


  • Configuration
    1. Basic knowledge of GIT

    2. Basic linux commands

    3. Basic knowledge of MS Excel or similar application

  • System Administration and maintenance
    1. CentOS installation
    2. Network setup (wifi access points, LAN)
    3. Understanding of database backup and restore
    4. Read/Analyze Nagios (monitoring tool) alerts