Lessons Learnt from 8 Years of Opensource Development of Bahmni (xConf 2021)

Presentation Details

Speaker: Angshuman Sarkar (Architect) and Gurpreet Luthra (Community/Product Manager of Bahmni)

Abstract:  In this talk, at the Thoughtworks xConf 2021 - Angshuman & Gurpreet share the lessons learnt while building & deploying Bahmni, an open source hospital management system across resource constrained environments. They cover key lessons on sustainability, software entropy, designing tech4good systems, patient privacy and security, product thinking, etc. 

Venue: ThoughtWorks India xConf 2021


Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/bahmni/lessons-learnt-from-8-years-of-foss-bahmni-emr-at-thoughtworks-xconf-2021


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