Radiology Module (PACS Training)


Bahmni supports two ways of managing Radiology workflows:
  • Via Manual Radiology Upload - here the clinician uploads a photograph of the xRay film

  • Using PACS Integration - here the modality(machine) automatically stores a digital representation of the xRay/Radiology image in the DICOM format in a PACS server. In this mode, Bahmni users can use a DICOM viewer (like Oviyam) to browse radiology images from within Bahmni UI. DCM4Chee acts as a PACS server for storing all DICOM images.

In this training, we will learn about the Bahmni PACS integration.


  1. Understanding the terms
  2. HL7
  3. Worklist
  4. PACS server
  5. DICOM

Training Video

Understanding the basics of what is PACS and DICOM (9 mins)

Radiology Module (PACS) Training Video (1h:08m)

Integrating Bahmni with Fuji CR (optional)

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