Running Bahmni Lite with fresh database or with CIEL data (docker)


Bahmni LITE comes with CIEL Concept dictionary, which comprises of over 50K medical terms. This can slow down the first time initialization of DB. To decrease startup time, Bahmni publishes pre-loaded DBs based on mysql v5.6 and mysql v5.7. The default OpenMRS DB image of bahmni-lite points to the bahmni/openmrs-db:1.0.0-lite-mysql5.7. This can be configured and changed as per your requirements. The DB dump with CIEL data is maintained here on github:

DB Images pre-loaded with CIEL concepts are:

  • bahmni/openmrs-db:1.0.0-lite-mysql5.6: OpenMRS DB based on mysql v5.6

  • bahmni/openmrs-db:1.0.0-lite-mysql5.7: OpenMRS DB based on mysql v5.7

These images can be used by changing the OPENMRS_DB_IMAGE_NAME variable in .env file of bahmni-lite

To start Bahmni with a fresh DB, perform the following one-time steps:

If you have already started Bahmni, please make sure to bring down all the containers by running docker compose --profile <profile_used_at_start> down -v

  1. Change the OPENMRS_DB_IMAGE_NAME variable to mysql:5.6 or mysql:5.7 in .env file of Bahmni Lite (this means use MySQL published fresh docker image)

  2. Set the OPENMRS_DB_CREATE_TABLES variable to 'true' in .env file of bahmni-lite

  3. Comment out the volume mounts for configuration_checksums in openmrs and openmrsdb service in the docker-compose.yml of Bahmni Lite. Doing this will make sure that the initializer module re-executes the changelogs. Note: the default initialiser configuration can be seen here. To run with your own “config”, see this documentation.

    # Add a '#' in front of the configuration_checksum lines in volume sub-section of the individual services to comment them out # - 'configuration_checksums:/openmrs/data/configuration_checksums' # - 'configuration_checksums:/configuration_checksums'
  4. Now start Bahmni LITE, and see the openmrs logs to understand when the initialiser logs finish execution.

    # Start Bahmni LITE (in bahmni-lite/ subfolder) docker compose up -d # See OpenMRS Logs docker compose logs openmrs -f

Running Bahmni with Docker

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