Configuring Properties

All controls can have properties. The supported properties are mentioned in the descriptors of the controls.

An example of properties in descriptor is:

Sample Descriptor
  "name": "properties",
  "dataType": "complex",
  "attributes": [
      "name": "mandatory",
      "dataType": "boolean",
      "defaultValue": false

The above example shows that a property called mandatory is applicable for a control (say Obs Control).

In implementer interface, these properties from the descriptors will be shown in the property editor based on the control as below:

By default, the checkbox of properties will either be selected or unselected based on the 'defaultValue' mentioned in the descriptor.

In the property editor, the properties of the current control and it's parent control are shown. 
For example, if the concept selected for an Obs Control is 'Pulse' which is of type Numeric, then the properties mentioned in the descriptor of Numeric Box as well as properties mentioned in the descriptor of Obs Control (parent) will be shown in property editor. 

Supported dataType for properties

Currently, only boolean dataType is supported for properties

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