Configure Session timeout for Bahmni

Purpose and Benefits

Session timeout can be configured for MRS and ELIS to set the inactive time limit of the logged in user. 

Steps to Change Session Time Out

In OpenMRS

By default OpenMRS session timeout is 120 minutes. The time limit is not specific to each user.

Please follow the steps below to change the modify the session time out in OpenMRS.

  • Open the file /opt/openmrs/openmrs/WEB-INF/web.xml
  • Change the value between <session-timeout> tag enclosed under <session-config>. The value is specified in minutes.
  • Restart openmrs service to apply the changes.

    Restart Openmrs
    sudo service openmrs restart


This configuration is specific to user.

For OpenELIS, the session timeout configuration can be done from UI.

  • Login to openELIS
  • Navigate to Administration -> Manage Users
  • Change the value for User Time Out column of the user

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