Running with Poor or No Internet Connectivity (docker)

Installing Bahmni using docker-compose would require better internet connectivity since the individual Bahmni services/application images (odoo, openmrs, reports, implementer interface etc) needs to be downloaded on the host machine before running the containers. This would be a challenge for facilities where there is poor to no internet connectivity. Please follow below steps as a work-around to perform the installation

  • Download and create archive backup for all Bahmni application images at the location where you have internet connectivity

docker pull bahmni/bahmni-web docker save bahmni/bahmni-web > bahmni_web.tar

If you have capacity constrains, you can also gzip the archive and make the backup smaller

docker save bahmni/bahmni-web | gzip > bahmni_web.tar.gz

Note: please check the bahmni docker-compose for the list of services/application images that you would need to download and create archive e.g. bahmni/openmrs, bahmni/implementer-interface etc. Also note that if you prefer a specific version of the image then add a tag e.g. docker pull bahmni/bahmni-web:1.0.0

  • Once you have the archives, you can easily port these into usb hard drive or pen drive

  • You can then mount the usb pen drive to your host machine and load docker images from the archive

docker load --input bahmni_web.tar # Show all docker images on the machine docker images

Running Bahmni On Docker


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