Template: New IG Feature

Purpose and Benefits

 <Introductory line taken directly from the FG>


<4-5 granular steps to implementing it. Each step should be accompanied with details, a screenshot and code snippets as required. If a screenshot is not part of the OOTB Bahmni implementation, call it out as such.>

1. Configure XYZ Tab

Image resolution 700px. Image and Caption centered in Bold.

Please refer to the code snippet below:

Please set Language to Javascript and linenumbers to true
Please remove all blank lines using this link http://textmechanic.com/Remove-Empty-Lines.html

Key Fields 

<Any Key Fields. Highlight Mandatory Fields/Attributes with an asterisk.

Please add all key fields to the Glossary here>


Data Setup

<Links to any prior config / master data setup.>

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