Lab Security and Access Control (OpenELIS)

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Purpose and Benefits

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Built-in Roles

Role NameAccessNotes

Reset Password of a User

One can change the password of any user, by logging into the system as an Administrator, and then go to Administration → Manage Users. Select the user, and click on Edit. Now you can set a new password for the user. 

If you are locked out as an Administrator because you forgot the password, then to reset it, you will need to fire the following Update query in the Lab Database. 

# Connect to the clinlims database
> psql -Uclinlims clinlims
# Fire the following update query to change the password to 'adminADMIN!'
> update login_user set password = 'n2OrWHXVm/BQsgd1YZJoCA==' where login_name = 'admin';

# Sometimes the user password expires because date is in the past. In this case run the query (date format: YYYY-MM-DD):
> update login_user set password_expired_dt = '2025-06-30' where login_name = 'admin';

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