Section Control

Section Control exists in two different modes namely Runtime and Designer modes. It seems like a ObsGroup Control but no concept associate with.

Section Designer Control

A Section is in designer mode at the time of designing a form in Implementer Interface. In this state, section control can be dragged and dropped on to the canvas. As soon as the section control is dragged on to the canvas,  a frame with a label will be displayed.

 As default, the inside of the frame is empty and the label of the frame is "Section". But this value can be edited if required. Besides, any controls can be added into the frame.

Default value

Default display value for section designer control is Section.

Overriding default value

Default value can be overridden by double clicking on the dropped control.

Section Runtime Control

In runtime mode, Section Controls are rendered with all the properties that were saved during design time. The properties can't be edited in this mode. Runtime Section Control is rendered in the observation forms (templates) on Bahmni. Observations can be captured for the concepts associated to these controls.

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