Bahmni Server Deployment Architecture

Technical Document

This document details out what all components and applications are deployed in Bahmni Production Server at a high level. For failover / disaster recovery, some deployments may use a Primary/Secondary or a Master/Slave deployment architecture.


High Level Diagram 

Application Installation Locations

The following are the RPMs that are installed on the Bahmni machine:

 Package NameInstall ComponentsDescriptionLocationService Name
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Base default config
  • Optional overriding config (provisioned by ansible)

Base web server of Bahmni/var/wwwhttpd
2.openmrsEmbedded Tomcat with OpenMRSOpenMRS server/opt/openmrsopenmrs
3.bahmni-emr Deploys Bahmni core modules into OpenMRS/opt/openmrs/modules 
3.bahmni-erpOpenERP/OdooOpenERP server/opt/bahmni-erpopenerp
4.bahmni-labEmbedded tomcat with OpenELISOpenELIS/ Lab system/opt/bahmni-labbahmni-lab
5.bahmni-erp-connect Atom Feed Client for OpenERP bahmni-erp-connect
6.bahmni-lab-connect Atom Feed Client for OpenELIS  
7.bahmni-pacsdcm4chee, pacs-integration, Embedded tomcatPACS integration sub-systems/opt/pacs-integration 
8.bahmni-reportsJasper running with Embedded TomcatReporting sub-system/opt/bahmni-reports 
9.bahmni-certs Installs a 90 day valid SSL certificate for Apache HTTPs  

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