Bahmni India Master Data for Bahmni Lite



India-specific Bahmni distribution of master data (to be packaged into Bahmni LITE)

Due date

Jun 1, 2023

Key outcomes

Drugs, Forms and Tests for India.



Problem Statement

Bahmni India Distro is aimed at creating a version of Bahmni that would serve the needs of single-doctor clinics, polyclinics and small hospitals (<20 beds) in India, and be packaged into Bahmni LITE as master data (out-of-box) for quick setup, and to act as reference for implementors to add additional configuration easily.

Analysis Document

Please refer to this document.


This initiative is now complete. And all relevant master data is packaged with Bahmni LITE. You can see this here in clinic-config repository: . Please contact @Akhil Malhotra for clarifications. Or post on Slack channel: #community or #bahmni-india-distro.

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)