Bahmni ABDM Scope

MVP-Single tenancy

  • Care-context definition change

    • Spike to check the required changes at all the places(definition of care-context/hint text)

    • Changes for prescription(a & b can be merged)

    • Change for diagnostic reports

    • Change for OPConsultationNotes

    • Changes for discharge summary

  • HIP initiated linking and patient notification

    • Spike to check which all encounter types to be listened for and what all observations to include/exclude

    • Implementation of the above spike( should include the updated API to send sms)


  • Blocked

    • Open question about new behaviour (ABHA number and ABHA ID linkage)

      • Refactoring for current gateway behaviour

    • Unlinking/deletion of health id  

    • suspend/reactivate workflow  



  • Make HIP Service as HRP Service - EPIC

    • Support multiple Bahmni (per instance)

    • Support hospitals(single tenants)

  • Support multiple HIPs with (multi-tenant Bahmni instance) 

  • HIU Service- spike

    • Authentication with OMRS/IDP



  1. Refactor Care context association - currently VISIT type

  2. Notification to requester on  data-availability on HIU (Bahmni frontend or SMS)

  3. Making the HI type output generic

    1. Lab Lite - manually entered records or uploaded documents

    2. OP Record - some refactoring of what info to be sent (configuration based on concepts excluded) 

    3. Discharge Summary - same as above 

  4. Patient scanning QR code



  1. Remove storing patient linkage information in HIP (HRP) Service - the service should have just URLs to Bahmni/HIP instances

  2. Validate incoming and outgoing requests to HIPs (whether the HIP/HRP service understands/onboarded an HIP)

  3. Shared Access to patient data (care team or some-other means). Following can be the options

    1. Original requester need to approve access

    2. At the time of consent request, the requester can specify who else can access data

    3. Care-team based access 

    4. Provide limited one-time access and send notification to original requester  


  1. Handling merge scenarios

  2. HIU’s Ability to handle subscriptions


At Bahmni

  1. Currently

    1. Link to patient records on HIU service (access controlled)

  2. Future

    1. Process and fetch discreet information from HIU (condition, diagnosis, hospitalisation) and present a combined view in Bahmni front-end (essentially show information based on configuration on Bahmni interface - no storing data in Bahmni) 

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