Bahmni LITE ABDM E2E Tests

Bahmni ABDM LITE E2E tests are available in master branch of repository GitHub - BahmniIndiaDistro/abdm-e2e-tests

Regression tests for Bahmni LITE ABDM will run daily at 10.30AM IST against Bahmni LITE QA environment(

To run Regression tests against Bahmni LITE manually use command gauge run specs --tags "clinic & regression" --env qa.lite

Scenarios covered under E2E tests

Bahmni Lite ABDM tests are tagged as clinic. All ABDM E2E tests are available here - .

The Github actions are configured to run these tests, the results can be viewed at .

Notifications for test results are sent to Bahmni Slack cicd-monitor channel.


List of scenarios covered - ABDM E2E Test Scenarios


  • The functional tests present here are written against Bahmni standard, we need to pick the scenarios which are valid for Bahmni Lite and refactor the tests to run against Bahmni lite.

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