Bahmni Outreach App for Community Healthcare (Offline ready)



  1. Provide an offline-ready app for Community Healthcare workers to record patient data in remote locations and later sync back to Bahmni.

  2. Integrate Bahmni with opensource react-native app called “Avni”, which is mature and already being used in multiple NGOs across India.

  3. Support Android. Make sure it works offline.

  4. Should allow Registration, Capture of Clinical Data and Form Entry.

Due date

Jan 1, 2024



Code Repo (will be shifted soon into Bahmni Product repo)

Slack Channel



We want the ability to allow Community Health workers to be able to capture patient data / form data in a non-internet location offline, via a mobile/tablet. The idea is to integrate with opensource Avni for offline data capture, and then push the data to Bahmni over internet (via mobile internet, or another options when the health worker has internet connectivity). As part of this initiative, we want to showcase how Avni-Bahmni integration will work, so that patient data & services can be provided in an offline manner. Note that, this integration has already been done in Ashwini Gudalur (and this link), and also in Govt-of-Karnataka pilot. Now we want to package this into the main Bahmni product, so it is available to the general Bahmni adopter community.

Bahmni Outreach App Demo

This is demo of the Bahmni Outreach app (built on Avni) showcased in a Community call. The app is still under development, and will soon be available out-of-the-box with Bahmni Lite.

Demo Video Links:



The above demo is from the Bahmni team’s deployment of Avni for Govt. Of Karnataka pilot.


High Level Architecture



  1. Outreach App: The app is built for Android using React Native, works offline and syncs data to the Avni server when it has internet connectivity. The underlying opensource project is “Avni” (

  2. Avni Server: This is the backend server, which can be on-prem or on the cloud. Ideally the App needs to be able to connect to this server, over the internet, or over wifi – so it can sync the data. The server is Java/Spring/Postgres based and stores all User/Patient/Medical/Forms data. It also has a Web-Admin UI for metadata configuration and server administration.

  3. Avni-Bahmni Integration Service: This microservice (in Java/Spring/Postgres) contains the mappings/rules to sync data from Avni server to the configured Bahmni server. It’s mapping rules can be configured through a web administration UI.

  4. Avni Documentation can be read here:

Installation and Configuration Documentation

Please see this wiki page:

Avni Code - Refactoring / Customisation Needed for a new implementation

Please see this wiki page:

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)