Configuring OpenElis in IntelliJ For Development

  1.  Go inside /openelis folder and Right Click on /WebContent folder and select Make Module 'openelis'  option.
  2. You need Jetty Server for running OpenElis because it fast and small and very handy with IntelliJ Idea. For installing Jetty Server:
    Follow the given link and download
    You can use 'brew' to install it
    brew install jetty

  3. You need plugin to run Jetty Server. For that follow the given steps:
    -Go on IntelliJ IDEA preferences
    -Plugins from Left Side Bar
    -Search for Jetty plugin
    -Enable Jetty Integration and Apply it.
    Note: If Jetty will not show in plugins then click Browse repositories... and install plugin from web.

  4. Now Right click on /openelis folder and go inside 'Open Module Settings' and follow the given steps:

    On the left hand side:
    a) select Project-> You will see Project name: openelis
    b) select Modules
         ->click on Add '+' button above the project name 'openelis' with folder icon is showed
         ->add 'Web' from list of options to 'openelis'
         ->click on 'Web' the following information you will see:
               * In Deployment Descriptors section the path for 'web.xml' is like
               * In Web Resource Directories section the web resource directories path is like
                   and Path Relative to deployment Root is '/' only.
               * In Source Roots section at the end the checkbox will be enabled for given source like

          ->Click openelis
                   Sources tab -> Under the 'Mark as' section it will show directory structure path of openelis of marked Sources|Tests|Resources etc. like
                   Paths tab -> 'Inherit project compile output path' should be enable so that
                                Output path: /Users/jaiprak/dock/OpenElis/openelis/out/production/openelis
                         Test output path: /Users/jaiprak/dock/OpenElis/openelis/out/test/openelis

    c) select Artifacts
         ->click Add '+' button on the top
         ->select Web Aplication: Exploded
         ->select From Modules -> select openelis

                After that the shown information is like that
                   Output directory: /Users/jaiprak/dock/OpenElis/openelis/out/artifacts/openelis_Web_exploded
                                    Type: Web Aplication: Exploded
    d) select Libraries
           -> click Add '+' button-> Java and give library path for test i.e.
           -> click Add '+' button-> Java and give library path for app i.e.
           -> Give seperate name to them like 'lib' and 'lib2'.
           -> We don't need Sources we need only Classes so remove Sources using '-' button at the bottom.
    e) select Facets -> Detection -> check Enable framework detection.

  5. Go on Run menu -> Edit Configurations...
       ->Select Jetty Server from the left and click Add '+' button on top ->Jetty Server -> Local
       ->Give the Name : openelis and click Configure.. button in Server tab to configure Application Server as shown in the figure:

      -> Set up the local url setting and in Jetty Server Settings section check the modules/jmx.mod
  6. Now After doing all settings Rebuild the project and Run in.

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)