2015-08-13 Meeting notes




  • Corollary Orders

Discussion items

 Corollary Orders 
  • Corollary orders are suggested after the drug order is complete i.e the user presses 'save' and it should be a modal alert. Reason being, while typing one drug order, the doctor might have in mind that he has to order the corollary drug. So, if we start suggesting before he presses 'save', it might be too intrusive.

  • At the same time, before suggesting a corollary order, the logic should see that if the suggested drug has already been added or patient is already on that medicine, the alert should not be shown. e.g - When Isoniazid is prescribed, a corollary order alert is generated suggesting that Pyridoxine should also be prescribed. But if the doctor prescribes Pyridoxine first and then goes on to prescribe Isoniazid, the alert should not be generated.
  • The alert window should also feature the reason - "What triggered the alert?" - so that its not confusing for the doctor about which action of his triggered the alert.
 Drug Dictionary 
It was also discussed that we would need to develop a drug dictionary which will be more supportive of logics for decision support. We can build a skeleton (see attachment) of the dictionary to start off and build the functionality around it. Enhancement of the dictionary can be done in parallel.
For drug interactions, the decision support logic can refer to any part of this skeleton and to make things fast, drug interaction can first be checked at drug-class level.

Action items


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