Future Enhancements for Bahmni Dockerization

The below are the list of future enhancements that needs to be done for Bahmni on Docker. The list has been captured during discussions on PAT calls.

If something is picked up from the list, please add a Jira card here and update the card URL against the point.

  1. Extra Modules: Provide a way to volume mount additional OpenMRS OMODs without touching core Bahmni omods. For instance provide a variable called: EXTRA_OPENMRS_ADDON_MODULES.

  2. Reuse DB Engine: Add different postgres schema’s (clinlims, odoo, reports) into single postgres instance, so that we don’t need multiple DB instances. We run using a single DB instance, but allow for separate schema. This can reduce the infra needs [Low priority].

  3. Externalise DB Connection String: Add a way to connect to postgres instance running on some cloud server / SaaS offering.

  4. Easy to change DB creds: Make it easy to change DB Creds so that people don’t use the “defaults”.

  5. Release Management / Versioning: Make it easy to get Snapshot versions of build, latest versions, beta versions and released versions (as required).