Odoo Dockerization Tech Analysis


This page contains tech notes pertaining to Bahmni ERP (Odoo) dockerization activity.

draft page created for @Mohankumar Thangavel to update.


Dockerization Approach:

Action Plan:

  1. Following with Docker Approach 1 in the above diagram.

Action Items:

  1. Don’t expose ports for Odoo Connect Config now. Let it be hardcoded for now. done

  2. Remove duplicated variables in .env done

  3. Add comment for bahmni-core.jar in Dockerfile done

  4. Check Odoo Config Docs and install additional modules if needed.

  5. Automate the One time setup for odoo. (JIRA CARD)

  6. Check if it is possible to install additional addons directly without loading it in volumes Proceed with DOWNLOAD way

  7. Lock with a specific version of Odoo when using Odoo Base image. DONE
    Solution: Use SHA instead of Tag

  8. Think of a way to have single instance of database server. deferred for later


Usage Flow Diagram:


Open Questions for Discussion ?

  1. There is a difference between the list of installed apps when going with fresh db and demo db. Why is it so ? Some error message is logged in console when going with fresh db. CLARIFIED


Known Issues:

  1. Bahmni - Modules require Upgrade to be done once manually after starting the application.