Weekly Summary View

About The feature

The weekly summary view is a summary of the week’s load for each service. 

Used By

Can be used by anyone who is involved in scheduling appointments and managing Patient loads. This hopes to serve as a summary snapshot of the scheduled load of patients. Based on this users can choose to schedule more appointments or not. 

How is it used

  1. This View is the default landing page when the user accesses the appointment scheduling module. This view can be accessed anytime by clicking on the "Summary" Tab
  2. The current week is displayed by default, with the current day highlighted. 
  3. Users can also use the date picker to select a week they choose to view. And can navigate to previous and next weeks.
  4. Clicking on the count (blue) will take the user to a list of appointments filtered for that day and service in the list view.
  5. The missed appointments are shown in red. It cannot be clicked on. 

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