2016-01-27 Meeting notes




  • Drug Interactions and Corollary Orders
  • Feedback on Medication tab mock-ups

Discussion items

 Corollary Orders and Drug Interactions 
  • Corallary orders:
    - Standard form for basic alert
    - Jonathan will send us mockups for reference
    - Always a reject action availble for the user
    - We needed a standard drug dictionary (CIEL will be used going forward)
    -We are uing CIEL going forward
    - Buy vs hand curate ( hand curating more viable for our situation)
    - Important to have allergy drug dictionary
    - Adding and Editing allergies is able to be done on the OpenMRS dashboard                ( Jonathan worked with Anusha on this)
    - We can make a small list to test allergy and drug interactions ( AKHIL ) 
    Plan to release this in Q2
    - Check drug family against allergy list
    - For drug interactions check drug against the pateint drugs family they are already on
 Inputs on EndTB Medication tab mock-ups 
EndTB Inputs:
- Stop date user flow mockup needed            (AMIRA)
- Non tb frequency not schedule (AMIRA)
- Strength needs to be shown on nonTB        (check on spacing) (AMIRA)
- Instructions and quanityc an be in the expanded section so that strength can be displayed on the section itself

Action items

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