Manual Radiology Upload

Purpose and Benefits

 Bahmni also supports manual uploads of Radiology documents.


Configure Radiology Upload Module/App

To configure the radiology upload module/app on the Bahmni Home page, add the config below to the path


Config to add to extension.json
"radiologyDocumentUpload": {
   "id": "bahmni.radiology.document.upload",
   "extensionPointId": "org.bahmni.home.dashboard",
   "type": "link",
   "url": "../document-upload/?encounterType=RADIOLOGY&topLevelConcept=Radiology&defaultOption=Chest, 1 view (X-ray)”,
   "icon": "icon-bahmni-radiology",
   "order": 5,
   "requiredPrivilege": "app:radiology-upload"

URL in the code snippet above

The url is :  "url": "../document-upload/?encounterType=<X>&topLevelConcept=<Y>&defaultOption=<Z>”,

  1. The extension filepath should be: extension-<X>.json
  2. <Y> is the top level concept in openMRS. This enables an auto-complete set while selecting Upload type:  Assign concept set name to "topLevelConcept" in the url.
  3. <Z> has to be a set member of ’<Y>’ which is the top level concept. It is the default option that appears in the UI for upload type.

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