OpenElis Department Wise Results Entry

In order to make newly added department's results entry page accessible to all the users having Results entry as their role, add migration scripts to add the test section as the system module in system_module table.

       insert into system_module (id, name, has_select_flag, has_add_flag, has_update_flag, has_delete_flag) values(444, 'LogbookResults:Haematology', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N');

Add the module access to Results entry role in system_role_module table.

       insert into system_role_module (id, has_select, has_add, has_update, has_delete, system_role_id, system_module_id) values(358, 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 5, 444);

These can be added as migrations under openElis in config.

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