Odoo Purchase Configuration

Price Markup 

Bahmni provides a customized module for Odoo, through which you can define markup percentages to be applied over a product's cost price to be determined as unit price. 

To define the ranges and applicable markups, you need to do the following:

  • Go to "Menu / Purchases / Configuration / Price Markup Table"
  • Define ranges of price, and applicable markup percentages for each range

Now when you receive a product, and if the product was configured for “Track lots or serial numbers”, then you will find that Sales price will be calculated based on the above configuration.

In the above screenshot, the "Sale Price" is calculated based on the markup percentage defined over "Cost Price" (in this case 10%)

NOTE: Setting up the markup percentages and receiving the products, does not mean that the lots/Serial based costs calculated through markups will apply by default. If you want the “sale price” of the Lots/Serial to reflect on “Sale order”, you will need to enable Determine sale price based on cost price markup” option under “Menu / Sales / Configuration / Settings / Markup”.

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