Troubleshooting steps for ERP sync

Please note that these are troubleshooting steps and need to be carefully executed especially if you are in a Production Environment!

The below mentioned steps can help in debugging issues in OpenMRS to OpenERP/Odoo sync. Depending on the cause please try the appropriate suggestions:

1) Check if openerp and  bahmni-erp-connect service are running

sudo service bahmni-erp-connect status
sudo service openerp status

# If it is not running then do
sudo service openerp start
sudo service bahmni-erp-connect start

2) Check connection credentials

If bahmni-erp-connect service is already running then we need to check OpenERP username and password below and after updating them to required ones we need to restart bahmni-erp-connect service:

Path: /opt/bahmni-erp-connect/bahmni-erp-connect/WEB-INF/classes


openerp.user=admin (default username)

openerp.password=password (default password)

sudo service bahmni-erp-connect restart

3) Check markers table of openerp database

# Connect to pgsql client
psql -Uopenerp

# See table contents
select * from markers;

# Check if there are any failed events
select * from failed_events;

Verify if columns “last_read_entry_id” and “feed_uri_for_last_read_entry” have the correct entries for corresponding feed_uri.

Postman extension in chrome can you be used to check for the latest atomfeeds or specific atomfeeds.

Need to analyse the entries in failed_events table by reading the contents in “error_message” column in failed_events table and proceed accordingly.

Please refer Atom Feed Based Synchronization in Bahmni  for Details on Atom Feed Based Sync.

4) Check Shop Mapping in OpenERP

 In OpenERP software check if: Sales --> Configuration --> Order Type Shop – Shop Mapping:

Order Type : Drug Order

Shop : Implementation Specific Shop name

Local Shop : Keep it blank

Location Name : Keep it blank.

Restart openerp service: sudo service openerp restart

5) Check Units to Be Synced in OpenERP

In OpenERP software check if: Sales --> Configuration --> Units to be Synced:

- Should have all the Drug Units added whatever is present in Bahmni with the exact names.

e.g : Capsule(s), Tablet(s)

If you still don't find the solution to your problem, please search / post your question on Bahmni OpenMRS Talk.

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