Using Order Sets

About the Feature

Order sets is a feature in the Medications tab of Bahmni's Clinical module. Using Order Sets, the clinicians can order a set of drugs/medications together. An order set be added, edited, stopped or refilled using the Treatments tab. This feature has been designed to save the users time and effort, by ordering a set of drugs with predefined dosages, routes and frequencies.

Used By

It is used by the doctors while ordering medications for the patient.

 How is it Used?

On the Medication page, there is a separate section for ordering "Order Sets" for the patient. The doctor has to select the start date for the order set. By default, current date is the start date.

On selecting an order set from that section, the drugs which are part of that order set are populated on the screen. There is a checkbox in front of each drug which is selected by default. The doctor can uncheck it if the drug is not to be ordered.

The doctor can choose to edit the dosage, frequency, route and duration of each drug before ordering. Clicking on the edit button populates the drug order entry form and after the changes are made, the doctor has to click the add button to update the order details in the order set.

To save the drug orders for the patient, click on "Save" and the drug orders move to the active list of drugs for the patient.

Please note that Bahmni configuration for each implementation can vary drastically. The screens and workflows below may not apply to your specific implementation.