Order Sets

About the Feature

Order sets is a feature in the Medications tab of Bahmni's Clinical module. Using Order Sets, the clinicians can order a set of drugs/medications together. An order set be added, edited, stopped or refilled using the Treatments tab. This feature has been designed to save the users time and effort, by ordering a set of drugs with predefined dosages, routes and frequencies.



While authoring the Order Set, if the base dose of the drug is set to dosage units "mg/kg" or "mg/m2", then while ordering the order sets, the dose of the drug to be given to the patient is automatically calculated based on the patient's weight or body surface area (BSA).

New enhancement: dosage units 'mg/kg' and 'mg/m2' are moved to 'Rules' dropdown with 0.84 release onwards.

Where is it Used?

Order sets is used by the clinicians to prescribe a pre-defined set of medicines to the patient.


  • Order sets provide an easy way to order drugs for a patient.
  • The clinician can quickly and easily order a combination of drugs.
  • With pre-defined sets of drug orders, there are lesser chances of the clinician missing a drug while ordering multiple drugs.
  • The dosage of the drugs can be automatically calculated based on the patient's Body Surface Area (BSA) or Weight.


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