Prescribing Medications

About the Feature

The Medications tab in the Clinical module in Bahmni is a platform where clinicians can prescribe drug/medication orders to the patients. They can also manage old prescriptions for the patient here. A drug order can be added, edited, stopped or refilled on the Treatments tab. For each drug order, the system allows the clinicians to choose route, frequency, dosage and instructions. This feature has been designed to make the users highly time efficient, by providing them sensible defaults wherever possible.

Where is it Used?

The Medications tab is used by the clinicians to capture what medicines they have prescribed to the patient. In some cases, it is also used to indicate the medicines that the patient was on.


  • The Medications tab provides an easy way to order drugs for a patient.
  • It has key features like edit, stop and refill a drug order, all of which simplify management of drug orders.
  • The tab provides a clear visual distinction of the current active, scheduled and past drugs. The drug orders with a green tag are scheduled, the ones with an orange tag are those that are currently active and the ones without any tag are the past drug orders of that patient.
  • It can also be configured to group drug orders into sub-sections if desired by the hospital/clinicians.


Medications Tab Default Setup

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