Capturing Bacteriology Test Results

About the Feature

For certain diseases, like TB, there are regular bacteriology tests that are performed for the patients. The results for these tests are crucial in understanding the details of the type of disease that the patient is suffering from and deciding the further course of action. These tests are performed regularly so that the patient's progress in the treatment can be tracked.

The Bacteriology tab in the clinical module provides a platform for the clinicians to record the results of these tests. They can capture the details of the sample collected from the patient and all the results that are obtained against that sample.

Where is it Used?

The Bacteriology tab is mainly used by the lab technicians who would be performing and capturing the bacteriology tests. These include smear, culture and drug sensitivity tests.


This tab is the point of entry for bacteriology results. Based on these results, the clinician can see which drug has been the most effective on the sample provided by the patient and hence decide what medicines to prescribe based on that.


A sample Bacteriology tab setup for the TB test


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