Configure Multiple Report Apps

Purpose and Benefits

The steps below show how you can add an additional "Bahmni App" for reporting purposes, with its own report configuration.


To configure a new app for reports,

  1. in home/extension.json add a new module with parameter appName=“new_reports_name"

    "bahmni_exports": {
        "id": "bahmni.reports",
        "extensionPointId": "org.bahmni.home.dashboard",
        "type": "link",
        "translationKey": "MODULE_LABEL_EXPORTS_KEY",
        "url": "../reports/#/dashboard?appName=new_reports_name,
        "icon": "icon-bahmni-reports",
        "order": 6,
        "requiredPrivilege": "app:reports"
  2.  Create a  new directory with name “new_reports_name”  under  openmrs/apps directory.  Add reports.json to this directory.
  3. For internationalization, create a directory under openmrs/i18n with the name "new_reports_name".

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