Obs controls which are associated to concepts that have datatype as 'text' will be rendered as Text box component. 

The text box components exist in two modes - Designer and RunTime mode.

Text Designer Control

Text designer control is the one that gets displayed on implementer interface when an Obs Control is associated to a concept with datatype 'text'.

Concept "History Notes" is of type text. Obs control associated to this concept will be rendered and displayed as "Text Control"

On the left pane, you will be able to see properties relevant to TextBox control (and Obs Control) and can select or unselect them.

More information about properties can be found in Configuring Properties.

Text Runtime Control

In runtime mode, Text box Control is rendered with all the properties that were saved during design time. The properties can't be edited in this mode. Runtime Text Control is rendered in the observation forms (templates) on Bahmni. Observations can be captured for the concepts associated to these controls.

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