Needs Assessment

About the exercise

  • Schedule
    • Topic of each session, duration
    • People from the client team needed for different parts
    • People from Bahmni team participating
    • Dates
  • Communication Channel (if done remotely)
    • Tools
  • Materials shared before the exercise
    • Schedule
    • Prior understanding
    • Questionnaire

Current Situation

  • Client's organisation profile and structure
  • Services provided by the client and the health facilities from which these services are provided
    • Types of service (out-patient, in-patient, surgery, lab, community care etc.)
    • Number and types of providers, patients (per day/week)
    • Nature of the facility (always open, few days a week, on need basis)
  • Current information systems in place
    • Technical details of the system
    • Departments in which it is used
    • Issues with current system
    • Ability to Export data in .CSV or .XLS format
  • Infrastructure
    • LAN
    • Power backup for servers
    • Internet connectivity


  • Primary objective of the system
    • Drivers (e.g. data entry, point of care use, reporting, patient care outcome improvements)
  • As is process understanding
  • Department (Service/Location) based breakup of requirements

    • Functions that need to be supported
    • Type of users and workload details
    • Internet connectivity at these locations (if it is outside the hospital)
    • Any paper forms and files used in as-is process
    • List of current reports (Electronic and Paper based). Reports needed by each department. Reports sent to the government.
    • Printouts required in each department
  • Organisational requirements
    • Reports sent to government

  • Typical requirements that may get missed
    • How a patient is identified
    • PACS integration
    • Detailed understanding of the processes that would be supported by "modules not implemented anywhere in Bahmni"
    • Do they perform any surveys? Is it expected that Bahmni would be a solution for that too?
    • Is money taken only at billing? Or it is at multiple places?
  • Data migration requirements (import existing data)
    • Would the required reference data and meta-data be provided by the client, or is available in the old system, or would have to be created from scratch?
  • High level milestones or releases in which new system could be rolled out
  • Artefacts to get
    • image of paper forms
    • sample of database extract


  • Mapping requirements to Bahmni's features
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Deciding server configuration
  • Projection of number of client devices required
  • Identification of gaps (between requirements and Bahmni features). Things that need to be developed in product.


  • IT/Data people availability who have to administer or implement Bahmni. Familiarity with the following:
    • Network
    • Linux, Windows
    • Excel (macros?)
    • SQL
  • Engagement model (TW, Implementer and Client)

End Deliverables Expected

  • Software (modules in Bahmni)
  • Implementation of Bahmni
    • Individual items that would be configured from this checklist.
  • Integration with other systems
  • Bahmni deployment
  • Data migration from existing systems
  • Training to people
    • System administrator
    • End user
    • Local implementation team


  • If something seems unrealistic then ask question about whether it is aspirational?
  • When deciding the release size, the trade-off is between travel costs and size of release (also organisation change as a result)
  • Keep updating your plan as needed, this is just a guide
  • To find out about the skill levels, just asking directly is the best way.
  • Try ice-breakers if you feel awkward starting off. Introductions generally are enough though
  • Figure out when to give a demo during this exercise

(If you find that there are things missing in this list then please add to it)

The Bahmni documentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)