Configure Radiology Data


Radiology Order is used to place orders/worklists in dcm4chee and reflect the status of the order. Orders added are stored as modality worklists in dcm4chee. Doctors can add Radiology Orders, View the Radiology Orders in the System and can edit the Orders. 


Radiology Orders concept has a list of concept sets which are body parts like Chest, Neck, Head..etc. And each Concept Set has list of concepts of various X-ray types of that body part. Each X-ray concept should be of class type "Radiology". As soon as a radiology order created using the OpenMRS Admin UI or the CSV Concept set import, an atom feed event is published from OpenMRS.

Procedure Codes

The X-ray machine will have a set of X-rays. We need to map both Radiology X-Ray concepts with Client machine X-rays to ensure that the ordered X-Ray is properly picked at client side.

  •  Procedure codes can be added manually from OpenMRS UI or we can use CSV Reference Term import.
  • Once the procedure codes added to OpenMRS we need to map them to Radiology X-Ray concepts. That can be done manually from OpenMRS UI or we can use CSV Concepts import.

Setup Radiology data using CSV Upload

  1. Bodyparts
    Sample file with Organs_Group_concept_sets.csv.
  2. Reference Terms for X-Ray mapping
    Sample file with PACS_Procedure_Codes_Reference_Terms.csv
  3. Xrays
    Sample file with all X-ray_concepts.csv
  4. Procedure Codes
    Sample file with all the XRay_ProcedureCode_Mapping.xlsx to be mapped at Clients PACS Server.

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