Setup PACS Integration module

Purpose and Benefits

Bahmni pacs-integration is Bahmni's Radiology System that can send Radiology Orders to digital X-Ray machines and in turn receive X-Ray images that can be viewed in Bahmni. This is the first step in the process, namely setting up the PACS Integration Webapp module to create a Radiology order and send it to the digital X-Ray machines (Modality).


For testing the PACS-integration setup, use the Test PACS Setup with Bahmni PACS Simulator. We have developed this to ensure easy testing as it is not always feasible to test with the Client's machine. This Simulator takes the orders and uploads a sample X-Ray to DCM4CHEE.



To order a Radiology X-Ray, all the X-Rays should be displayed in the Orders Tab of Bahmni Consultation under a separate Radiology Orders section as Lab Orders. First ensure that the Radiology Order Section is setup prior to setting up PACS integration.

Ensure that pacs-integration service is installed. The steps for installation is mentioned in Install Bahmni guide.

If the service is installed it will create a database schema called bahmni_pacs in postgres. Following data setup needs to be done to have the pacs-integration working so that it picks up radiology orders and converts them into HL7 ORM messages to be sent further to a PACS or a modality.

Data Setup

 Set up data in tables modality, order_type and markers in the bahmni_pacs postgres database.

  • modality table should have the details of HL7 server listening to ORM message - IP address, port, AE Title.
    If you are using dcm4chee as the modality worklist server the default values pertaining to dcm4chee will have to be added. The default AE Title and ports are DCM4CHEE and 2575

    Sample entry when sending orders to dcm4chee
    INSERT into modality VALUES (1, 'DCM4CHEE','DCM4CHEE PACS', '', 2575, 3000);

  • In order_type table, order_type name should be the same as order_type  in the OpenMRS database. The modality id from modality table is used to send the particular order type orders to the given modality.

    Sample order_type entry for sending Radiology orders
    insert into order_type values(1, 'Radiology Order', 1);
  • markers table should be set with the latest markers and feed details to avoid it reading from the start. A sample query for the same would look like

    insert into markers (feed_uri,last_read_entry_id, feed_uri_for_last_read_entry) values ('http://localhost:8050/openmrs/ws/atomfeed/encounter/recent', '','http://localhost:8050/openmrs/ws/atomfeed/encounter/59593');

    Please enter the right values for  last_read_entry_id and feed_uri_for_last_read_entry

Set up Procedure Codes for mapping the Bahmni X-Rays to Digital X-Ray Machine's X-Rays

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