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Purpose and Benefits

Bahmni PACS-Integration is Bahmni's Radiology System that can send Radiology Orders to digital X-Ray machines and in turn receive X-Ray images that can be viewed in Bahmni. This is the part of the first step in the process to be able to create a Radiology order and send it to the digital X-Ray machines (Modality).

Bahmni will have a set of Radiology X-Ray Concepts and the Client's machine will have a set of X-Rays. We need to map both to ensure that the ordered X-Ray is properly picked at client side following PACS procedure code mapping detailed below 


A common reference code has to be setup for each test in both modality and OpenMRS so that modality can understand the order that is to be created. The steps to setup the procedure code in OpenMRS are detailed below:

1. Create a new concept source in OpenMRS

To create a new concept source do the following:

  1. In OpenMRS administration UI, click on "Manage Concept Sources" under Concepts section.
  2. Click on "Add new Concept Source"
  3. Add a new concept source with name and hl7 code as 'PACS Procedure Code'

2. Add Concept mapping for each test concept

For example, to add a concept mapping for "abdomen ap" test,

  1. Search for "abdomen ap" in concept dictionary and click on Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the "Mappings" and click on "Add Mappings"
  3. Select "ASSOCIATED-WITH" or "SAME-AS" as Relationship
  4. Select "PACS Procedure Code" as Source
  5. Click on "Create New Term"
  6. Enter a code (for ex: 1234, same code has to be setup in modality for 'abdomen ap') and select "PACS Procedure Code" as Source and save.
  7. Now back on the 'Mappings' section in 'Edit Concept screen', search for the added reference term '1234' and save the concept.


Step 2 has to be repeated for all the test concepts.

Steps to add Concept Mapping

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