Pharmacy Configuration

Purpose and Benefits

Bahmni integrates OpenMRS with OpenERP which is a an open source ERP product. It is useful in Billing, Stock management. Any patient registered in OpenMRS is synced as a customer in OpenERP. Any Drugs, LabTests added in OpenMRS is synced as product / service in OpenERP. When Doctors place any order, it syncs in OpenERP as Sales Quotation so that the patient can be billed.

Bahmni provides a Billing/Pharmacy app to enable the pharmacist to easily dispense Medications. Please refer to this to configure the app.


1. Configure OpenERP/Odo

Please refer to this link on details to Configure OpenERP/Odoo.

2. Setup Syncing between Odoo and Bahmni

Please refer to this link to setup Syncing between Odoo and Bahmni.

This includes syncing all the Drug Units which needs to be synced as part of a Drug Order, configuring Order Types and Shop Mapping.

3. Add Medications/Drugs

Refer to these steps to add medications/drugs either via OpenMRS or CSV upload

4. Delete Medications/Drugs

Refer to these steps to add medications/drugs.

5. Configure Location, Warehouse and Shop

Video walkthrough to configure Location, Warehouse and Shop

Quick Steps

Configure Location

  • Goto Warehouse > Locations > Create
  • Enter Location name, choose Parent Location (e.g. Physical Locations / Your Company / Stock)
  • Choose Location type to be "Internal Location"
  • Save

Configure Warehouse

  • Goto Warehouse > Warehouses > Create
  • Enter Warehouse name
  • Choose Location Input (Stock received via purchase order will be added to this location)
  • Choose Location Stock (Stock delivered via Sales order will be reduced from this location)
  • Save

Configure Shop

  • Goto Sales > Shop > Create
  • Enter Shop name
  • Choose Warehouse. Sales from this shop will reduce stock from this "Location Stock" of this warehouse.
  • Choose Default Payment term as "Immediate Payments"
  • Save

6. Configure Discount heads

Video walkthrough to configure Create Discount Heads

Quick Steps

  • Goto Accounting > Accounts > Accounts
  • Search for "Discounts". If not present, create it - 
    • Goto Accounting > Accounts > Accounts > Create
    • Enter Account Code e.g. 222
    • Enter Account Name - Discounts
    • Choose Parent e.g. Overheads
    • Internal Type - View
    • Account Type - Expense View
    • Save
  • Now we can create different Discount Account heads as follows - 
    • Goto Accounting > Accounts > Accounts > Create
    • Enter Account Code e.g. D01
    • Enter Account Name e.g. WHO Cancer fund
    • Choose Parent - Discounts
    • Internal Type - Regular
    • Account Type - Expense
    • Save

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