Inventory Management System

Purpose and Benefits

Bahmni uses Odoo mostly for Sales Management, Purchase Management, and for Inventory and Accounting. OpenERP has been adapted for health facilities to work seamlessly with Bahmni.

Since Bahmni is based on Odoo/OpenERP, you can also refer to the Odoo documentation for in-depth information on Warehouse Management. Or here:


1. Configure OpenERP/Odo

Please refer to this link on details to Configure OpenERP/Odoo.

2. Setup Syncing between Odoo and Bahmni

Please refer to this link to setup Syncing between OpenERP/Odoo and Bahmni.

3. Configure Location, Warehouse and Shop

Please refer to this link to configure locations, warehouses and shops.

4. View Inventory at Different Locations

Since we have different locations we can analyze the current inventory or inventory over a date-range.

To do this navigate to Warehouse → Choose location →  Select the required option.

A new location can be created by clicking on the "Create" button and giving appropriate parameters.

Creating a New Location in OpenERP

Current Inventory at Pharmacy Location

5. View Product Quantity at a Particular Location

Search for the product in the search bar to view the actual stock and the future stock for the particular location.

  • Future stock equals actual stock once the stock units are delivered.
  • Drug Orders created in openMRS sync as products in openERP.

Aceclofenac Stock at Pharmacy Location

6. View Batch Level Stock Units Per Location

Navigate to "Serial Number by Location" to view batch level stock units per location.

openERP does a double entry of drugs.

For example, when a drug is ordered, it is reduced at the stock location, and increases correspondingly at the customer location so that the drug quantities balance-out.

Batch Level Stock Units of Aceclofenac across Locations

7. Move Stock across Locations

This is used to move stock units across locations, such as X units of Aceclofenac from Stock Room to Pharmacy. This can be achieved by creating a new internal move from a configured source location to a configured destination location.

Moving Acyclovir Stock Units Across Locations

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